Bulletin: #03100


Lake Shore Electric Metering Transformer Cabinets provide a safe, convenient and standardized method to install and maintain utility metering current transformers

Typically, services over 400 amperes are required to have a conforming enclosure to house Utility provided metering current transformers. The Lake Shore Electric Utility Metering Transformer Cabinet provides the solution.


  • Standardized bus bar arrangement with a
    removable link in the center.
  • The mountings can accommodate ring (donut) or bar type current transformers.
  • Standard enclosures are designed for top or bottom entry or exit.
  • Bus bar links have standard width of 4”.
  • Enclosures available NEMA 1, 3R and 3R Stainless Steel.
  • Padlocking provisions included.
  • Services from 800 – 4000 amperes can be accommodated.
  • 100% rated solid neutral with connection means provided.
  • Ground lug provided.
  • Conforms to First Energy’s Form 115,
  • Information and Guidance for Customer Electrical Service.
  • All cabinets have split, hinged doors with removable center post.
  • All cabinets feature 100% rated Copper Bus.